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Are you a busy marketing or web and print design agency whose work comes and goes?

Perhaps you are a small business and struggle to keep up with your social media or need a brand refresh or update to your website. Using a freelance designer is something you could benefit from.

I work with several businesses on an ad-hoc basis for when their design teams are overloaded and I was thinking that this is of real advantage for them, as it can also be for any business.

So, how can it be beneficial to you to outsource work to me as a freelance designer?

  • You don’t have to employ a designer so there are fewer overheads when it comes to sick and holiday pay.  
  • You can use me for as little or as much design help as you need.
  • If you’re an agency or larger company, I will slot easily into a team and you can give me an internal email if needed, so I can be seen as being part of your team. I am also able to pop onto video meetings in the same capacity.
  • I am used to working across loads of sectors and have experience in loads of design platforms, from interactive tv and web, to graphics and apps.
  • I can hit the ground running. My freelance experience means I’ve worked across lots of different apps. I use the Adobe suite every day, but have also used apps such as Figma, Sketch, Marketo and Canva.
  • You can have me on a retainer if you’d like to guarantee a certain amount of my time each month.
  • I love to help with cross-platform design. I enjoy creating graphics for social media, e-books, brochures, exhibition stands and emails under the same branding.
  • I am used to working within brand guidelines but also can help you if you want to update branding or logos.
  • I LOVE a challenge and if you’re stuck with something design related please let me know – I’ll help you out of your design pickle!

I am a York based freelance designer but work with businesses all over the UK and abroad. Please see my design portfolio for examples of work and you can also follow me on linkedin.

Please send me an email if you’d like to have a chat about how we can work together.

Author lucy rigley

I design products and experiences that look great and are a joy to use. With well over 2 decades worth of experience plus a first class design degree, you are in safe hands. I will create you something we are both proud of, which works for your key audience. The user is always at the forefront of my mind. With design experience across many platforms I have a wealth of knowledge which I can apply to any project.

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