Here are some frequently asked design questions I get asked. I hope you find them helpful!

What sort of designer are you?

Good queston! My degree was in Interactice Design (cd-roms / websites), then I joined the BBC as an Interactive TV designer where I also did  UI, UX, branding and motion graphics. I then sidestepped into ecommerce / marketing design (again doing UI / UX) before freelancing where I have done, amongst other things, Web / Apps/ SaaS / UI and more recently graphic design. I would love to do more UI and UX design but honestly, I love variety and as long as I can design in the Adobe Suite or Figma I’m happy to help!

Do you have any tips when hiring a freelance designer to design a website?

I actually created a blog on this subject – Top tips when contacting freelance web designers for a web design quote. A lot of the tips can be used when hiring a freelancer for graphic design or UI design too, so do have a read!

Do you code?

I know basic html and css but I actually don’t like coding. I did code in Director as part of my university course, and can ‘faff around’ with code in WordPress but I prefer leaving it to the experts. I believe design shouldn’t be held back by code and sometimes developers who design, only design products which they themselves can code. By hiring a pure designer, your products should be more innovative. I work with Mike Rigley, a freelance digital developer who has a design background so understands how important design is.

I need help with other parts of my website – can you help?

Boosting your digital and offline presence can be quite daunting. If you’re looking for a team to help, I’m part of a women-led collective of professional associates here in York. Together with Mike, we think of ourselves us as a digital agency without the overheads but with all the experience. Not wanting to share our ages, but we all have over 2 decades of experience within our fields so you know you’re in good hands.

Our digital collective is a win-win for us all. You save time by not having to research suppliers. We save time by liaising and working directly with each other. Ethically and in a work sense we are all on the same page, meaning everything from your SEO and photography to your social media is consistent.

Copywriter Helen Reynolds creates human and Google-friendly SEO web content, blogs and plug and play social media posts.

Photographer Paula Duck takes professional photography for branding, personal branding, interiors, people and products. Her home studio has excellent natural and whitebox lighting or she can join you on location.

Social media expert  Rebecca Mason offers practical in-house training and strategies for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Her background is in business development, so she’ll make sure everything is done for good reason.

I can work with Helen to tweak content to make it more SEO friendly. Paula’s photography will turn your website into a professional looking one. Rebecca’s no-nonsense strategies and advice will help me create social media designs and if needed, templates for you to set you up creating your own content.

Feel free to contact us individually. Or we will happily pass your details between us if you’re interested in any other of these services.

I have an idea for a logo – are you able to visualise it for me?

Yes, as a freelance brand designer, I am able to take a design idea and illustrate it which is quicker than doing a full branding exercise. However, I do find that most people get a lot out of help with their logo – I can help, for instance, with competitor analysis, the feel of a brand and so on. All my logos are vectors so can be scaled and printed at any size easily.

Do you offer other branding services?

I have come up with company names – Transparent Design, The Hair Site, Natural Boutique, The Glass Mill and more. I also can help with your strap line, create personas, brand guidelines and simple design elements for you to use. I LOVE helping people starting a new company and often offer advice as a consultant. For instance, I can help with where to look for getting grants, setting up blogs, doing market research and so on.

Do you offer Fiverr graphic design?

I don’t – I like to point people to my own website and think that sometimes sites such as fiverr devalue design so have chosen not to put my design services on there. You should be able to find out everything you need from this site, if not – just contact me!

My website is in a bit of a mess – it’s very old and not working very well. Are you able to help?

Yes – there are a few options. I can either:

  • Help with your original site, in which case a website usability audit would be good. I look over your current account, taking in your concerns and find ways to make the site much more user friendly and modern. You can then get a developer to update it, or I can help update your WordPress template. A few simple changes can make all the difference.
  • Help you make your information more user friendly and put it into a new website – WordPress or bespoke

What are your freelance design rates?

Looking to hire freelance designer but no idea if you can afford one? The good news is us freelance designers tend to be cheaper than agencies, as we have fewer overheads – no big offices or other staff to pay. Due to my experience I am not the cheapest designer but I am also more affordable than using agencies. If you have a larger design project in mind that you would need a team for, please do let me quote as I do know lots of other excellent freelance designers who I am more than willing to team up with.

PLEASE NOTE All prices exclude VAT which I will add on and I charge via York based Transparent Design which I co-own with my freelance creative developer husband Mike Rigley. These are guide prices only, so please note that I offer a free half hour chat to get to know your brand and quote properly on projects. I do offer discounted rates for charities. All prices exclude VAT which I will add on and I charge via Transparent Design which I co-own with my freelance creative developer husband Mike Rigley. They are guide prices only, so please note that I offer a free half hour chat to get to know your brand and quote properly on projects. I do offer discounted rates for charities.

Website design

The cost of designing a website depends what you need on it. I design with the user in mind so always make sure I work closely with you on the content of your website.

  • I offer simple WordPress templated websites from £700. A more complicated one with lots of functionality would be around £1500-2000.
  • Bespoke website design (not including development) from £700.
  • A simple bespoke website including development by freelance digital developer Mike Rigley from £2000.
  • Email design from £100
  • Landing pages from £100
  • Social media graphics from £100

Logos, usability & social media design

  • A simple logo starts at £500 and full branding from £1000.
  • Logo refresh (update of existing) from £200
  • Usability audits of an existing site – for a homepage £200 and other pages from £50

Graphic design

These are just a few examples:

  • Flyers and posters from £100
  • 4 page leaflet from £350
  • Business cards from £50
  • Rollup banner from £80

SaaS and App design

Prices for Service As A System (SaaS) and phone app designs are quoted per project depending on the scope of what is needed.

What social media platforms are you active on?

I am mainly active on LinkedIn so please do connect! I also share, under Transparent Design, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I share projects I’m working on, design tips and news.