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Digital Design

I graduated in 2000 with an first class Interactice Design degree – in those days I specialised in CD-Rom and web design and even coded a bit. I have worked as an Interactive TV designer and Ecommerce Designer in full time roles and love designing for the web, apps, SaaS and so on.

Graphic Design

Graphic design has been a more recent specialism of mine. I worked as Make it York’s freelance designer and designed brochures, posters, logos and social media assets amongst other things. I have also worked for York Archaological Trust and other companies freelance.

Logo Design

As well as doing branding while I worked as an Interactive TV designer at the BBC, I have created logos and branding for lots of companies. My style is simple – I like logos to work small as well as large and be timeless, and often with an element in the graphic which relates to what the company specialises in.

Social Media Graphics

I designed a lot of social media graphics at my time as Make It York’s freelance designer. I love the challenge of getting information to fit different dimensions and can work within brand guidelines.

Illustration & Icon Design

Although I don’t class myself as a pure illustrator,  I am often asked to illustrate – for instance characters and icons. My style is simple and I design in Adobe Illustrator so all my illustrations are scalable.