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You have had your website for a few years now. It was possibly your first one you were excited to get on the web. You put it together quickly yourself or maybe a friend helped. You didn’t particularly think about the branding or usability, you just needed a site and quickly! It helped as it means you can signpost clients and customers to it but not you are a bit embarrassed. It doesn’t really show who really are or what you do. Your customers and clients can’t find out the right information about you and your case studies are out of date.


  Your web content or branding needs a refresh & you are regretting that Fiverr logo that seemed such good value at the time. 

  Your customers can’t find what they are looking for or find you in the first place. 

  Your call to actions don’t work or don’t exist.

  It doesn’t work on mobiles 

  It takes an age to load 

  It isn’t secure and or users don’t feel safe using it. 

Don’t worry I have been there myself – my old website site looked dated and my portfolio needed my latest projects adding. It can be hard to keep up with updating websites and it takes a while to think about what you want in a new website, and sometimes it’s just easier to stick with what you have.

Whatever the reason for needing a new site (it may not be up there), I can help you with your next site or to improve your existing one – we will create something you are proud to show off and which your users find is easy to use. I am a York based freelance web designer but I can work with you wherever you live. If you live too far way to meet in person, I can Zoom, Microsoft Meet, Whatsapp, email or phone – however you like to communicate!

Let me design you a new website!

How does this work? I go through your current content with you to see what works and what doesn’t and you can let me know what you need to get rid of or include. We will talk about your site structure, CTAs (call to actions), whether a bespoke or WordPress site or just a few changes of your existing site would be suitable for you and discuss if you need a brand refresh. This may be an update of your logo or colours, or a complete new look and feel. We look at your competitors and what their website offerings are – what do they do well and how could we do better. 

What I don’t do is shoehorn your content into a template I’ve used for several clients before. I don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all approach’ to design. Your site has to work for you and your customers. I am constantly shocked at the prices some people charge for website which all look the same. I create good value websites but don’t compromise on look or feel or usability. 

I work with freelance creative web developer Mike Rigley (together we are a small 2 person web and development agency Transparent Design) for all things geeky – I hate coding! I have professional marketing associates I work with who can help with services like photography, copy (text), SEO (search engine optimisation – think google) and social media (and other) marketing (including training). I think it’s really important to use professional freelancers who are experts in their fields, rather than me struggling or pretending I can do it all, and doing it badly. Noone wants an easy to use website with awful copy and photography – it just doesn’t work!

Of course I can design other things such as social media marketing graphics, banners (digital or print), brochures & interactivve pdfs, business cards, and anything else which may need a refresh or to be designed. If it can be designed in the adobe suite, I can help. I can even use Canva if pushed and do use Figma & XD when needed for freelance UX design work.

I have added a ‘before and after’ picture of a website from a lovely natural therapist based in York who was totally embarrassed of her old basic website to show how I really can transform a site. (disclaimer, I didn’t do the branding). Take a look at & see how it’s definitely a more modern look and feel – I think the other was about 20 years old!

Would you like a free half hour call to discuss your design needs and for me to give you a free quote? Pleas get in touch


Author lucy rigley

I design products and experiences that look great and are a joy to use. With well over 2 decades worth of experience plus a first class design degree, you are in safe hands. I will create you something we are both proud of, which works for your key audience. The user is always at the forefront of my mind. With design experience across many platforms I have a wealth of knowledge which I can apply to any project.

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