Android Mobile Phone App Design

This phonebook app used in Liverpool streamlies day-to-day tasks. Users can search for any employee’s details even if they are out of signal underground. Staff can also look up other numbers and detiails such as emergency contacts.

Other numbers and detiails such as emergency contacts are also available.

Client Benefits

  • It has helped streamline Merseyrail’s day-to-day business.

  • The app is quick to load and easy to use.

  • Reduces the need for paper trails.

  • Managers can easily view staff details and add and amend as needed.

The User Interface

The UI is very simple and uses Merseyrail branding colours. I used grey and yellow as the main colours and orange for buttons to make them stand out and the buttons were also right aligned for usability reasons - namely people read left to right and also most people are right handed. White was used to show selection, for instance on departments. Simple icons were used for phont / email and pink. There was also an admin section which could be used on desktops where it was easier to add and remove numbers for instance.

How I worked with Stakeholders

I needed to work closely with Merseyrail to make sure the information they needed was shown simply but also was easy to use and understand. I worked closely with the front end developer to ensure my designs were suitable for Androids.