A SaaS for civil engineers.

Core systems is a SaaS of which I designed the UI - it is used by civil engineers to help them run their contracts seemlessly. It helps the engineers the whole way through a project from the proposal, database, timetables, forecasts and contracts. The system can track every on-site task digitally, great for auditing.

The User Interface

The UI had is clean, easy to use, simple and functional. It uses a left hand side navigation complete with icons I designed to help drill down to the important information quickly. I designed simple icons to be used in the navigation instead of text to save space and to make things simpler.

How I worked with Stakeholders

I worked closely with the front end developer and client which ensured any potential issues were dealt with in the design phase before it went to development.

Client Benefits

  • The system is involved the whole way through a project, from the proposal, database & timetables to forecasts and contracts.
  • Tracks every on-site task digitally so great for auditing. No more paper trails.
  • Includes graphs and tables to show information such as costs & time.
  • Has sa real-life summary overview.
  • Generates reports to help managers spot problems
    Payments and invoices are tracked.

Core Systems – screenshots of the pages I designed

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