I am delighted you are considering using me for your design services.

Thank you!

Your first step to working with me is to:

Contact me

So I can get an understanding of the design project you need help with, please contact me to either book in a free half hour discovery call or zoom or email me with what you would like help with. I will then be able to guide you on what are the next best steps for you (disclaimer – you may have some homework!) and how and when I can start working with you. Every business is different and has unique needs and ways of working, and I always fit around your business. For instance, I work on a retainer or ad-hoc basis with design and marketing agencies. Or I can help set up a totally new website and branding if you are an SME or sole trader just starting out.


Looking to hire a professional freelance designer but no idea if you can afford one? The good news is us freelance designers tend to be cheaper than agencies, as we have fewer overheads – no big offices or other staff to pay. Due to my experience I am not the cheapest designer but I am also more affordable than using design agencies. If you have a larger design project in mind that you would need a team for, please do let me quote as I do know lots of other excellent freelance designers who I am more than willing to team up with.

All prices exclude VAT which I will add on and I charge via York-based Transparent Design which I co-own with my freelance creative developer husband Mike Rigley. These are guide prices only, so please note that I offer a free half hour chat to get to know your brand and quote properly on projects. I also offer discounted rates for charities. 

My freelance design rates are indicative only so these prices are for ideas of rates and not necessarily what I will charge you.

Website design

The cost of designing a website depends what you need on it. I design with the user in mind so always make sure I work closely with you on the content of your website. I am happy to create websites on a monthly retainer if you are unable to pay for one up front. I’m happy to have a chat so you can see how this would work.

    • I offer simple WordPress templated websites from £700. A more complicated one with lots of functionality would be around £1500-3000.
    • Bespoke website design (not including development) from £1000. I can work this way with development agencies for example.
    • A simple bespoke website including development by freelance digital developer Mike Rigley from £3000.
    • Webpage redesign / refresh from £160 / page – this is me redesigning a page with usability in mind.
    • Email design from £100 – I can also help set it up in email clients
    • Landing pages from £150
    • Holding pages from £150
    • Social media graphics from £100. I can work on one off graphics or as a retainer.
    • Canva graphic templates from £100
    • Interactive Ebook design – this totally depends on the size of the Ebook – but 4 pages would be around £350

Logos, usability & social media design

    • A simple logo starts at £700 and full branding from £1000
    • Logo refresh (update of existing – eg neatening up, update of font and / or colours) from £200
    • Usability audits of an existing site – for a homepage £200 and other pages from £100. This is where I take a look at your site and give you ways to improve it without having to have a new website made.

Graphic design

These are just a few examples but please note, this does not include printing costs:

    • Flyers and posters from £100
    • 4 page leaflet from £350
    • Business cards from £50
    • Rollup banner from £100
    • Larger brochures from £700
    • Exhibition stand design from £100 for each part (eg table cloth, roller banner, large banner)

I can also design stickers and other promotional materials.

SaaS and App design

Prices for Service as a System (SaaS) and phone app designs are quoted per project depending on the scope of what is needed.

Design Consultancy

Often, on a discovery call, I come up with ideas for how I can help you and your business, especially if you are a new business. I am able to offer consultancy on this basis, as well as on a design basis. For example, where you can receive free help, how to buy a url and hosting etc. Basically tips to get you off the ground, or how to get out of a rut if you have already started your business.

Prices from £100

Working together

Once you have decided you’d like to work with me, I ask for written confirmation in an email of my prices and any other terms I may have. I may ask for a deposit or part payment up front.

We then come up with a rough timeline of when I can do the work and any deliverables from me and you. This may also include a list of services I don’t include, or which I can outsource or expect you to give me, for instance copywriting, SEO or photography. Often, I am unable to start work until you have given me certain information and assets, so once these are received I will start on the designs.

If you have decided you would like a WordPress template for a new website, I will show you some options for templates and we can choose one together. I will then populate the template or set up the structure for you to do this yourself if you are familiar with the WordPress platform

If you are wanting a bespoke website design, I typically come up with 2 ideas for the homepage and then have a couple of rounds of amends. We then sign off on this design before I come up with designs for the other pages as needed.

With social media graphics, I design to your brand guidelines, or can create new ones if needed.

For graphic design work, I can either take an existing InDesign file to base a new design on, or create one from scratch. I work within brand guidelines and can create interactive pdfs as well as print products so you can have the pdf viewable or downloadable online. This is useful especially for ebooks. I always expect changes in big documents – I haven’t ever designed a brochure without some text updates or swapping images out, so I always allow for several changes when quoting.

When I create branding and logos, I go through a branding process with you where we look at the feel of your brand, where it sits with competitiors and so on. I research similar brands and competititors. I design several logo ideas and do 2-3 rounds of changes based on these. I hand over the logo in several formats suitable for print and web, and I design logos as vector files so they can be printed as big as you wish.

I found Lucy to be extremely personable, very easy to work with and the quality of her work was always exemplary.

Highly recommend!

Ashley Young – Communications Manager at Make It York