The Website

The new website is vastly more up to date than their previous one. As it had been several years since they had their old website built, the new one not only has a fresher look but is responsive and more up to date. We wanted the website to be image heavy so potential customers can see examples and case studies of projects similar to what they want. I used their existing orange and blue branding which works really well on the web.

How I worked with TS&P

After finding a suitable WordPress template to customsie, I had an initial in person meeting with Claire and Phil to help them with their website content. We discussed their end user - who would actually be using the website and what they wanted them to be doing. We made clear contact forms and the website is responsive on all devices.

We worked closely together - I set up the content and they populated most of it - they were familiar with WordPress so were happy to take that part on.

To view Team Sport & Play's website, click here

Team Sport & Play’s old website

The main problem is it wasn't responsive and didn't have up to date work examples on there.

old website needing a refresh