Streamlined facilities and reporting management

OnSight is an intuitive modular digital solution which streamlines and logs manual reporting processes and tasks – creating operational efficiencies, real-time trend reporting and an easy to use and adapt package.

The user-friendly system enables trouble-free use at all levels of your organisation making its benefits immediately accessible.

I worked with freelance developer Mike Rigley under our design and development business Transparent Design to build the SaaS which is currently being used by Merseyrail.

The system had to be easy to use – it’s used by a variety of staff from cleaners and train staff on the job, to managers in offices.

Employees can also look up other numbers and detiails such as emergency contacts.

OnSight facilities management mobile app design

Client Benefits

  • A real-time digital solution for instant capture and reporting
  • Tasks are logged quickly via the app, removing lengthy paper trails
  • Tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements
  • Business-critical proven
  • Stand-alone or integrated with your existing systems
  • Fully hosted SaaS system

The User Interface

The UI is very simple and can be tailored to any brand colours. It has to be simple to use on mobiles and tablets. For instance, cleaners are able to log tasks easily, then managers are able to spot patterns by logging into the CMS on their computer in an office. The terminology used is simpl and to the point and companies using it say it has helped them significantly - for instance saving on paper trails.

How I worked with Stakeholders

I needed to work closely with developers and the clients to make sure all bases were covered and each department from security to cleaning staff were happy. We had to make it so staff ‘on site’ were able to log tasks easily and quickly - adding, for instance, photos when needed or assigning a task to someone else.
I worked alongside the front end developer to ensure my designs would work well on mobile, tablets and desktop.

The Branding

I thought of the name OnSight as it is foremost an  ‘on site’ system – it is used on site by staff and employees.I kept the logo simple with green as as positive colour. The system itself can be personalised with any brand colours – Merseyrail use mainly black and yellow.

OnSight facilities management logo design